Received the 2005 “Good Design Award”
The Ultimate Design
Chainless Conveyor

Chainless Conveyor

The “Good Design Award” winner, the Chainless Conveyor.

Marvel at its beauty. Quite simply, this conveyor surpasses all other Sushi Conveyor. The beautiful curves and smooth rotation. Completely silent without any operational and vibration noises. The sophisticated design can be seen not only at Sushis, but also as bar counters and moving displays. This highly sanitary chainless conveyor is not only outstandingly designed, but is also environmentally friendly and can thus be rightly called the next generation conveyor.

The smooth curves can adapt to any layout.

The refined design can also be used as a stylish bar counter.

Sanitary Refined Flat Design

The beautiful curves and seamless flat design are easy to clean and sanitize. The Good Design Award was received for its refined design, and this chainless conveyor is used not only in the world of Sushis, but also in various other fields.

Chainless and Silent Design.

Silent operation is possible due to its flat and chainless design. This will never disrupt the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Compatible with various layouts

It provides complete freedom in design.
Your ideal restaurant will surely become a reality.